Altùris Drink the Winery Mixed Case


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This special offer case of 10 incredible artisan wines  from the Altùris winery, includes 10 wines – 6 whites, 1 dessert wine, 2 reds and 1 beautiful rosé.  We have packaged all the wines from the same winery together in one cracking special offer price, making this so much cheaper than buying the wines individually.

Altùris winery is located in the beautiful hills of Friuli, known as Italian White Wine Heaven: Friuli-Venezia Giulia,  which in their mother tongue are called “Altùris”: a geometry of reliefs engraved by vineyards. Although the region is relatively small compared to the rest of Italy, it ranks among the best for producers of white wines. Located on the border of Slovenia and Austria.


Altùris Winery Located on the borders with Italy, Austria and Slovenia

Read the story and enjoy these stunning wines in the knowledge of their history and terroir.

In your Drink the Winery box, you will find all of these wines

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