Castello di Cigognola “LA MAGA” Barbera 2015


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This 100% Barbera red is the Doc Oltrepo’ Pavese appellation from Castello di Cigognola Winery, located in the province of Pavia, in the region of Lombardy in northern Italy.

Unlike many of the other red grapes in the Piedmont,  Barbera has a relatively long hang time on the vine, which imparts a lot of rich, dense flavours to the wine.

This is an excellent Barbera, barrel aged for 12 months.

Impenetrable deep ruby red in colour. Evokes aromas of freshly picked blackberries, blueberry juice, then floral notes of rose, violet as well as cassis, dark cherry, myrtle and liquorice. Warm and silky mouthfeel, it has a fleshy texture and invigorating tannic structure combined with bright acidity which  gives it layers of complexity; the finish is intense and lingering.

As Barbera is known for its acidity, it pairs well with rich fatty foods and red meats.


REGION: Lombardy
TYPE: Red Wine
WINERY: Castello di Cigognola s.a.r.l.
GRAPE: Barbera
SHELF LIFE: 10-15 Years
VINIFICATION: 12 Months Barrel aged

Castello di Cigognola is an estate owned by the Moratti family,
It spreads over the hills of Oltrepo’ Pavese,in the area once called
“Vecchio Piemonte”. The wines originated from this region, a territory which has a strong identity but a difficult nature.

Through culture , courage , freedom and ethics the Moratti family
produces wines which express the best of the region and also
reflect it’s soul.

The Moratti are an Italian family of oil barons who have stood out in social circles for years, distinguished by their sensitivity, culture, ethics, soul, courage and freedom.

Castello Di Cigognola is now managed by Letizia and Gianmarco Moratti’s son Gabriele (“Bebe”) Moratti.

He operates this alongside his other businesses in Fashion, Design and Film.

The Castello Di Cigognola estate has been in his family since the 15th century.

Gabriele’s exciting and well established fashion brand is “Redemption “ and for his winery, his dream is …

Tasting the “terroir” through freedom

and a mission statement of….

Producing wines thanks to the freedom, courage and ethics of
a family that wants to enhance and to narrate, in Italy and worldwide, a unique regional identity.

The family believes in sustainability in their winemaking and biodiversity in the vineyard with a total respect of the environment.

The Italian Wine Competition di Civilta del Bere 2020 – SILVER

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