Mother’s Day Gift – 2 Bottles of Moscato Spumante and Baci di Dama (Lady Kisses)


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This is a Mother’s Day Gift Offer that includes two bottles of our beautiful sparkling Moscato Spumante accompanied by Baci di Dama (ladies’ kisses!) are delicious handmade hazelnut biscuits joined by a chocolate heart. These irresistible sweet bites have a ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ texture and are perfect as an indulgent accompaniment to a glass of our exquisite Moscato Spumante (Fior d’Arancio – Orange Flower).

While Moscato Spumante bubbles are slightly sweeter than Prosecco, the fresh acidity balances the sweetness, so that it tastes like a very refeshing, celegant, elebratory fizz with a great aromatic mousse that explodes with intense heady scents of elderflower, orange blossom and roses.  Well structured and a beautiful bubbly mousse. Just a perfect pairing to the Baci di Dama.

The Baci di Dama are an Italian Artisan quality product.

Stefano Barroero’s father was a pastry chef, and handed down to him the tricks and secrets of the trade. Stefano wanted to take this one step further though, and produce the raw ingredients he used in his sweet creations. When he and his wife moved to Cortemilia in the Langhe region of Piedmont, Italy, which is famous for its hazelnuts, he started growing his own nuts and turning them into sweets.  Piedmontese hazelnuts are regarded as the best in the world, and the trees of the Langhe region produce a hazelnut with a unique, delicate flavour. Stefano’s hazelnuts are slowly roasted over a long period of time at a low temperature to preserve all their nutritional properties and their full flavour.



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