Orgullo White (Pride Wine), Castilla, Spain 2016


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Orgullo means Pride in Spanish. These unique authentic wines were developed by the winery owners to celebrate love in all its forms and in fact, a percentage of all wines sold are donated to Pride Charities. They make the perfect gift for the hardworking NHS frontline heroes in our lives too.

A blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay from central Spain, a portion of the Chardonnay is fermented in new French oak.  Straw yellow color, bright and perfectly transparent. Shows an exotic bouquet, including notes of fresh passion fruit; tropical fruit again appears on the palate which is aromatic and refreshing. Very fruity and intense on the palate, elegant and very long. The partial oak ageing is apparent.  In the glass there is great body and viscosity. It’s really a very impressive well structured, quality white wine.

The winery  is located in Chinchilla de Montearagón, Albacete, (South East Spain) in an area with the name  Vino de la Tierra de Castilla . Surrounded by 178 hectares of vineyard, cultivated at almost a thousand meters of altitude. It is focused and designed to create wines of high expression, functional and modern, within an architectural complex of high cultural value.

The soils of the farm are limestone with little organic matter, sandy texture and little bottom and the climate is very rigorous and dry, continental in type. These extreme conditions, together with the altitude, favor low productions and lengthen the maturation process of grape varieties adapted to the area, giving great roundness and quality to the wines that are born from them.

The viticulture applied in the vineyards starts from a traditional base with the introduction of the most modern techniques and ecological farming systems to guarantee the production of quality grapes, as well as a sustainable balance between the farm and the winery. All this, added to the effort and enthusiasm of our human team, ensure the production of wines with their own personality and excellent quality.

The wines orgulloWine  are made of traditional Spanish varieties ( Tempranillo, Garnacha ) and others that have adapted well to the climate of the farms where we grow our varieties ( Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay) . All this makes the wines more complex, seeking the best characteristics of each grape and achieving a wine with maximum expression.


The selection of grapes is made by triple heading. A first selection of clusters in the field, which begins before veraison and ends at the harvest itself. Another in the cellar, where they will go through a bunch selection table. After going through the destemmer, the grapes undergo a new quality control, so that only the most suitable ones will ferment inside the winery.


The production of the wines is carried out exclusively with its own grapes in stainless steel tanks with the latest technology, such as auto macerators and internal waterfall tanks. The malolactic fermentation will take place in 18 10,000-liter French oak wooden vats and 5,000-liter fudres from the same oak, which in turn serve to assemble the different coupages of the wines.
The aging takes place in the cellar caves, in a controlled temperature and humidity environment to ensure the highest quality during the stay of our wooden wines. All French and American oak barrels are less than four years old.

Bottle rack

The next step is bottling, either for immediate sale (white and pink), or to go to the bottle rack where they will be refined, rounding up to be put on the market at the optimal time of consumption.

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