Paladin Casa Lupo Valpolicella Ripasso DOC Superiore 2017


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Intense red color with garnet reflections. Aromas of red berries like currants and blackberries, with hints of violet, plum and spices. on the palate there are fresh notes of red berries. Velvety, delicate and balanced tannins. full-on flavors of blackberries and dried fruit such as raisins and black currants accented with sweet kitchen spice notes. Smooth and velvety texture, good acidity, gentle tannins and a long finish will keep you coming back for more.

Otherwise known as a ‘Baby Amarone’. The term “Ripasso” means “repassed” referring to the production process whereby regular, fermented Valpolicella (which is a blend of three regional native red grape varieties – Corvina, Rondinella and occasionally Molinara) is added to a cask containing the skins and lees left over from recently fermented Amarone wines.  The process of adding (or “repassing”) the lighter Valpolicella wine over the remainders of the “bigger” Amarone wine imparts additional color, texture and flavor to the Valpolicella wine.  The “Appassimento” process is an ancient wine making technique used in Northern Italy  to make Amarone – the Daddy of Italian wine and its by product Ricioto  della Valpolicella (a sweet red wine).  Grapes are air dried on racks for a period of at least a couple of months and often as many as six, before being pressed.

Also, it induces a second fermentation of the wine that increases the wine’s alcoholic content. The end result is a wine that retains the vibrancy of Valpolicella but is darker in colour, bigger and more flavourful and complex than the original Valpolicella.  Ripasso wines are rich, full-bodied and share some of the same aroma and flavor profiles as Amarone wines, just less so. Since Ripasso wines are more approachable and less expensive than Amarones they can be enjoyed  more regularly.

The land is at an altitude of 450 meters above the see level and the soil is made by the alteration of calcareous-fossilifere formations, in particular the red flake and biancone marble.After harvesting by hand, the Valpolicella, before aging, is macerated a second time on the marc of the Amarone just drawn and left to rest for about 15-20 days. Then a maturation in oak barrels of 500/1000 LT for 18 months takes place. Ageing in bottles follows that lasts until optimal maturity.

  • It pairs perfectly with mushroom risotto, red meat such as steak and also perfect with medium-matured cheese.
  • Grapes: 65% Corvina, 15% Corvinone, 10% Rondinella, 10% other grapes
  • ABV: 16%
  • Shelf Life: 10 years

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