Paladin Syrah (Shiraz) 2017


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An intense barrel aged red wine with garnet reflections. The perfume is captivating with notes of red fruit,  chocolate, spices and black pepper. On the palate, we also find cherries and coffee. A large and round, wine with great character, enveloping and very pleasant for its harmony and wideness.  We recommend decanting at least one hour prior to serving as this wine really opens up into something really special with a bit of time.

Grapes: Syrah –  the same grape as Shiraz.

Producer: Paladin winery is a famous, family owned, historic  artisan single vineyard in Annone Veneto, Italy

The Syrah is an international grape variety famous for its spicy notes that Paladin interprets with great elegance. The grapes are harvested at optimally maturity.  It’s a generous vine, to obtain a quality product and with a high typicality, the yield is controlled. The grapes are vinified at the average temperature of 25°C, while the maceration lasts for about 15 days. It follows a maturation in wooden barrique barrels of 3/4 passage to obtain a slow oxygenation from the wood with the aim of maturing the original tannins, without extracting them from wood, thus giving the wine softness.


Perfect paired with meat dishes such as steak or with cold cuts and cheeses of medium maturity.

Technical information

  • Sulphites: 105 mg / L (-30 % legal limit)
  • Sugar: 19,5 gr / l
  • Acidity: 5,7
  • PH: 3,55
  • Bottles produced annually: 80 000
  • Alcoholic content: 13,5% by Volume
  • Serving temperature: 16°C
  • Bottle size: 750 ml 1500 ml

Additional information


Bottle, Case(s) 6 Bottles


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