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These luxury exquisite Italian bubbles are the equivalent to a Blanc de Blanc Champagne, made using the same Champenoise method from 100% Chardonnay grapes. From a very small historic producer using organic and biodynamic production practices in Palazzolo sull’Oglio, Province of Brescia the Lombardy region of Italy.

This is therefore a higher level than a standard Franciacorta. 100% Chardonnay and a Brut style DOCG. Fresh, crisp, dry and delicious. Delicate straw color with burnished gold hints, froth is creamy and perlage is very fine. Toasty biscuit on the palate and a rich, creamy mousse. This is definitely one to be cellared or of course, it is already perfect to be enjoyed now.

The Italians know the secret of Franciacorta and until now have been keeping it all to themselves. It’s cheaper than Champagne but production standards demand higher quality in many key areas.Organic level sulphites, single vineyard, Artisan product. Think you like Champagne? Then you’ll adore this!

The Company

The family story dates back to the silk traders in this area. Annual production of only 30,000 bottles, incredible quality and purity. All harvested by hand and created with the care and attention of a master craftsman. Never before sold outside of Italy.

The Vezzoli family has ancient roots in the west of Brescia. Among the best known in the area, also due to the commitment in numerous social and political initiatives carried out between the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century, the Vezzoli have always given great importance to the activity in the agricultural sector. At the traditional cereal production, at the beginning of the last century was added the silkworm breeding, then in the Twenties an experimental pergola was implanted. In 1981 the first vineyard of Chardonnay grapes is planted, within a few years others will be added in the municipality of Adro. From the simple production of grapes the company passed to the Franciacorta sparkling wines, which are starting to be marketed in 1990. The company Ugo Vezzoli is located in the San Pancrazio historical palace. The offices and the tasting room occupy part of the original 16th century building; the processing and aging cellars are on two levels, one underground, the other above ground using part of the nineteenth-century rural buildings. The vineyards are owned and managed directly by the company. Those of Franciacorta are located in the municipality of Adro: in these 3 hectares Chardonnay DOCG, Pinot Nero DOCG, Merlot and Cabernet DOC are produced. In the hamlet of San Pancrazio, the vineyard of 1.50 hectares is part of the Sebino IGT area, here Merlot, Cabernet and Pinot Nero grapes are produced. The annual production of the company Ugo Vezzoli is about 20,000 bottles of Franciacorta DOCG, in different types, to which are added almost 10,000 bottles of Curtefranca DOC and Sebino IGT still wine.

The Franciacorta Method

The grapes, harvested and selected manually, are placed in crates and immediately pressed whole in a soft way. The must is fermented at a controlled temperature (15-18 °) with the use of selected yeasts. At the end of winter, the qualities of wine considered most suitable are combined and, after a few days, the refermentation in the bottle is provoked as provided for by the Classic method, the only one allowed for Franciacorta wines. Absolute rest for at least 24 months in the stack, passage on pupitres for an adequate “tip” phase after which the disgorgement with “liqueur de dosages” is carried out.

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