Vini Apuani – Roberto Castagnini Merlo 2020


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A delicious single vineyard, almost Super Tuscan red wine blend, but in this case, with the inclusion of the very rare native grape of Cilegiolo (literally Cherry). We’ve all heard about cherry wine and the aromas and flavour of the Cielegiolo grape is dominant in this blend. So the dominant flavour is cherries, yet it’s lovely and dry and structured from the influence of the other grapes in the blend.

A lush ruby red colour. Iintense scent of black cherry, blackcurrant, fruits of the forest and sweet spices with hints of tobacco. It has impressive structure, complexity and a rich mouth feel. A ripe fruit palate that is perfectly integrated with the supple tannins. Fresh acidity is bolstered by the other grapes in the blend. This is an impressive wine from the very first mouthful and very very moreish.

The perfect food pairings for this wine are….

  • Spicy meat dishes
  • Grilled red meats
  • Stuffed turkey
  • Smoked herby salmon
  • Strong cheeses
  • Chicken salad with pomegranate
  • Pine nuts and raisins
  • Pupusa, which is fried tortilla stuffed with ground pork and beans
  • Peking duck

Serving temperature: 16-18 degrees

Residual Sugar: Dry 4 grams/Litre


REGION: Massa-Carrara
TYPE: Red Wine Blend
WINERY: VINI APUANI s. r. l. s societa agricola
GRAPE: Cielegiolo, Sangiovese, Merlot, Cannaiolo
ALCOHOL: 12.5%
WINEMAKER: Roberto Castagnini
VINIFICATION: 10 days of maceration on the skins.  No oak ageing. Vinified in steel tanks. Malolactic fermentation. Aged at least 4 months in the bottle.


The Castagnini winery was founded in 2000, on the strength of an old farming tradition built up thanks to a solid family background in wine production dating back to the early 1950s.

The estate is situated on the hills of Candia, between the white Carrara marble quarries and the sea.

The owner Roberto Castagnini, grew up in the vineyards, followed his maternal grandfather’s footsteps and learned from him the techniques of vine cultivation.

Day by day, ancient knowledge is combined with the most modern winemaking techniques to obtain the ultimate expression of native grapes and unique terroir. Roberto’s aim is to achieve superior quality in constant evolution.

This has allowed them to create the highest quality, which have been recognised in the most renowned guides, obtaining international recognition.

Only 20,000 bottles a year are produced!  Around 5 hectares of terraced vineyards, exposed to the sun and kissed by sea breezes. The sea breezes and the Mediterranean scrub that surround the vineyards contribute unique aromas and scents, allowing us to obtain truly unique and incredible wines.

The deep bond to the land of the ‘Colli di Candia’ and the love and passion for the vine.

Wines of controlled origin – DOC

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