Book a Corporate Virtual Wine Tasting with The Wine Show’s Amelia Singer and Our Beautiful Artisan Wines


Take your party or event to the next level with a virtual wine tasting, hosted by one of the biggest names in Wine – Amelia Singer, probably most recognised as one of the main presenters of The Wine Show   (Distributed in 110 countries with an audience of 80 Million wine lovers).

If you want to motivate your team or really impress your clients, at a time when traditional hospitality isn’t an option, then the cachet of having top flight wine celebrity Amelia Singer host your event is going to make it memorable and very much appreciated. Amelia is charming and captivating in how she makes wine accessible even to participants with no wine knowledge or appreciation at all.

Amelia has a wonderful way of communicating the compelxities of wine in a very approachable, relateable and above all fun way.  She will organise the tasting sheets for all participants and even run fun wine quizzies to boost knowledge and the fun factor if required.

Amelia Singer The Wine Show in Partnership with

Amelia Singer The Wine Show in Partnership with

It’s a really fun, non-pressurised, info-tainment event, in the form of a wine tasting, conducted online in a fun and engaging way for a social evening to unwind with colleagues or clients.

Focused on team bonding and socialising through the medium of wine, rather than pure wine academia.

Minimum group size is 10 people.

Click here to ontact us to enquire about dates and pricing.

Amelia Singer Biography
Internationally award winning Wine Communicator and Educator, HULU TV presenter on The Wine Show, previous Wine Writer for the UK’ s most read Food Magazine (Waitrose), UK Ambassador for the California Wine Institute and Founder of Amelia’s Wine – an event and media business which offers a range of original, fun, helpful and ultimately relatable wine experiences and content. Amelia considers wine to be a lens through which we can see the entire world. It brings together culture, food, travel, politics and social trends to enhance our lives; acting as a social glue to bring people together.

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