Montagner Moscato Fior d’Arancio (Orange Flower) Spumante NV


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When tasting our Artisan Prosecco range against Moscato Spumante with brides at various wedding venues, we usually find that at least 50% select a Moscato Spumante as they have a slightly sweeter palate. This is nonetheless a very elegant, beautifully made, celebratory wine and a definite crowd pleaser! It’s also only 7% Volume, so much lower in alcohol than regular sparkling wines or Prosecco. This is great because it is very moreish and so easy to drink.

While Moscato Spumante bubbles are sweeter than Prosecco, the fresh acidity balances the sweetness, so that it tastes like a very refeshing, celebratory fizz with a great aromatic mousse that explodes with intense heady scents of elderflower, orange blossom and roses.  Well structured and smooth.

This is also a great wine to pair with the dessert course if you like something lighter than a traditional dessert wine. Also believe it or not Moscato with breakfast is now a thing.  If you search the hashtag #MoscatoForBreakfast you will see this is the new bucks fizz.

Montagner is a highly respected 2nd generation, family owned, single vineyard located in Motta di Livenza in the Province of Treviso, Italy. They are particularly well known for the high quality of their sparkling wines.


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